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PEP & FESUA Scholarship Registration, Payment and Reimbursement Instructions

CHEC The Center is now a direct provider for the PEP and UA scholarships through Step Up For Students. You may use your scholarship to directly pay for services such as classes, camps, Friday nights, special events and more! All deposits, fees, books must be paid out of pocket at registration checkout and may be submitted for reimbursement to the scholarship by the parent. Scholarship invoices available upon email request. See below for instructions on how to register, pay and submit for reimbursement with your scholarship.


For more information or where to apply for the Personalized Education Program (PEP) or Unique Abilities (UA) Scholarship visit

PEP & UA Center Registration & Payment Tutorial

PEP & UA CHEC Tuition Reimbursement Tutorial

Requests Invoices for Scholarship Reimbursement here


How to Register and Pay using Scholarship:

  • Step 1: Visit and Register/Add to Cart service.

  • Step 2: At checkout, depending on service, type in the appropriate promo code (see below for codes) to apply scholarship credit. For class registrations, select tuition label that includes PEP/UA STUDENT.

  • Step 3: Once registration is complete, sign in to your students scholarship EMA account. Go to the Marketplace on the left side - Find Providers - Search Chec - Click CHEC The Center - Select location - Select services and quantity - Add to cart - Go to cart - Reserve Funds. 

  • Step 4: Once funds are reserved your registration is complete and confirmed. If funds are not received your student is not registered. 

*Note: Yearlong courses require certain deposit/fee payments at the time of registration. Remaining deposit/fee and monthly payments may be paid using the scholarship and must be reserved 5 days prior to auto charge date to the account to avoid charges. Payments made less than 5 days before auto charge date will be credited to the following month and card on file will be charged for upcoming month.

**Registrations for camps, Friday nights, events and more are not confirmed until scholarship funds are reserved. Fail to reserve at time of registration will incur a cancelation of your registration. 


All scholarship students may use the same promo code regardless of PEP or UA student.


Promo Codes:

  • Summer Camp​

    • CHEC Camp: PEPCHEC​

    • Specialty Camp: PEPSpecial

  • Friday Nights, Special Events 

    • Code: PEPFriday

  • Workshop Events

    • Code: PEP​Workshop

  • Acro and Strength

    • Code: PEPacro​

  •  Consulting & Coaching Services

    • Code: PEPconsulting

  • SY24-25 Programs

    • No Code Needed - After paying amount due at checkout, according to program payment schedule listed on the program's information page, EMA funds must be reserved at least 5 days prior to the payment due date to avoid monthly charges to credit card. Payments reserved less than 5 days prior to auto charge date will not be processed in time and card on file will be charged. Late scholarship payment will be applied to the next upcoming payment. Auto charges will not be refunded due to late reserving of funds. Invoices may be requested to submit payment to scholarship for reimbursement.

For more information or where to apply for the Personalized Education Program or Unique Abilities Scholarship visit

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