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Homeschool & After School Classes, Clubs & Camps

Welcome to CHEC The Center

Center Offerings

At The Center we come alongside students and families during their school career to fill in gaps by offering yearlong core classes, electives, clubs and camps. Starting in 7th grade we provide SAT/ACT test prep.


Academic Courses

  • Class duration : 32 weeks 

  • Aug 2023 - May  2024

  • Grades K-10

  • Class offerings

    • Writing/Grammar

    • Math

    • Science 

    • History

    • K-3rd Enrichment

  • STEM

  • Music

  • Art

  • Drama


Looking for opportunities to try new things and experience great classes without a yearlong commitment? Try one of our 10 week, 4 week,  or monthly clubs.  Offered during the week, after school/ evenings and summer.  

  • Drama Club

  • STEM Club

  • Drone Club

  • Chess Club

  • GEMS Club

  • Parents Night Out



CHEC provides camps during Christmas break, spring break and summer camps starting in May! Enjoy shorter camp weeks and hours in a fun, wholesome, tech free environment.

  • $125/week

  • 10:30am-2:30pm

  • Christmas Break 

  • Spring Break

  • CHEC Summer Camp

College & Dual Enrollment Test Prep

Throughout the year we offer SAT, Pert and CLEP test prep

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