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Homeschool Core & Elective Classes, Camps & Saturday Workshops

Welcome to CHEC The Center

Center Classes

The Center has 7 classroom spaces and a covered picnic area for lunch. Programs offer students yearlong core classes, electives, educational camps, adult/student Saturday workshops and more.  A 3 day program Mon, Tue, and Thursday from 9-2:30pm covers all 4 core classes and electives for a full academic experience with monthly fieldtrips in our Ford Transit 15 passenger vans.  All classes at The Center are covered by the Step Up for Students UA and PEP Scholarship as a direct pay provider.  This scholarship is available to ALL homeschool students. See Scholarship tab above for info.

Saturday Intensives & Workshops

5 hour workshops and intensives on Saturdays provide an opportunity for students to try new things and experience great classes without a yearlong commitment.  9:30 - 2:30pm

  • Shop

  • Sewing

  • Art

  • Financial Seminars

  • STEM

  • Magic

  • Theater

  • Test Prep

  • Goal Setting Seminars


Fun Educational Camps

CHEC provides camps during Christmas break, spring break and summer camps starting in May! Enjoy shorter camp weeks and hours in a fun, wholesome, tech free environment. 5-8 year olds enjoy a camp day filled with learning fun.  8-13 year olds can choose from our specialty camps to dive deeper into a topic of interest.

  • $125/week CHEC Camp

  • $200/week Specialty Camps

  • 10:30am-2:30pm

  • School Breaks

  • Summer

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